Hello BIRYANI Hai ?

MURGI कटने से पहले, कह गई मन KI बात, 

"शाकाहारी लोग को समझा देना एक बात|

 "मूर्खता KI नदी KI कोई EDGE नह होती 

नॉन वेज होती है बिरयानी, VEG नहीं होती

Whatever the weatheris peoples Never Say no to the Biryani, so today i tell u about the outlet where i visited few days ago .

Biryani Isn't a word it's an EMOTION for most of the people . people got crazy When they hear about the Biryanis they forget their work , problems , they just start thinking about the Biryani . Most of the peoples love to eat the Non Veg Biryani but some love to eat veg biryani.

 In searching of Biryani Few days ago i visited to GAUR CITY 2 , GREATER NOIDA  SEC 16 c . I find this outlet " HELLO BIRYANI HAI " they have many branches too . The outlet was pretty cool . Outlet opening tym is 12pm and closing tym 12Am

They have their biryani menu as they provide the
 For VEG BIRYANI lovers
As u fin…

My second love....

I will be the puri , protecting you 
Will you be my dahii, dissolving me into your love ?
 And lets call it dahi puri love

Hello spring ! So finally it's here : the weather for moody peoples to enjoy their live as they want to live § spenting tym on food , tv , dancing and music .

Dahi puri is a snack originating from the indian subcontinent, which is specially popular in the state of Maharashtra, India. The dish is a form of chaat and it is served with mini puri shells , which is easily recognised from the dish panipuri.

Nowadays people love the chaat more than anything. Dahi puri became  one of the most popular food in Maharashtra and delhi .the best thing of this dish is it can be easily find anywhere . As few days back when i was in a mood of tasty dahi puri. I visited the ashok vihar as this place has no's of cafe which provides you the best street food. As i want to try dahi puris so i decided to go to one cafe and ..there i found no. Of dishes . they made the food in Maharas…


" Roses are red, pizza sauce is, too. I order a large, and none of  it's for you "
Happy march! I am so excited it' s finally here: the perfect month of cozy up, listening some delight music and eat pizza.

A pizza is savory dish of Italian origin, consisting if usually round flattened base of leavened weat based dough topped with tomatoes, cheese and various other ingredients baked at high temperature.
It has become one of the most popular food in the world and common fast food. To be honest,it doesn 't matter what kind of cheese you use as long as you ' re using a good melting cheese because the best part of pizza is the gorgeous of the cheese pull. Melting cheese slowly prevents the fat from separating out.
Some guys dreams about  winning and scorining game of life. While that all sounds great, I have been known to play about digging into a mouth watering slice of pizza. Do you guys ever get a craving for pizza?? If yes! can we be friends??   "A slic…


Its rare that i make it out of anywhere outside of downtown. But after some time , I am craving for somthing sweet. The latest sweet obsession on social media is ice cream roll. It is originally a Thai frozan desert and now they are popularly selling in India too.

Hello, Raw Creams , one of spots to offer the ice cream. I found this place in Gtb nagar. They also have some other outlets in Delhi. The ambience was too cool and amazing . Staff was very courteous and service was excellent. This is actually what we called a perfect hangout place with delight music.

There ' s finally a whole lot of new things hitting my mind and I have no idea from where to start. Then I decided to let nostalgia win on this one. I started with Double Ferrero nutella. The taste was super amazing. I just love a good scoop of their favourite flavours.

Ice cream have always been our favourite and now there is a new trend that has got us hooked . If you haven 't heard about it, worry not as we bring you…

DMD Studio

few days back i explored the Delhi's famous food hub Rajouri garden . Rajouri garden has more no. of the cusines . As first i was totally confused from where should i start. After thinking long i made my mind to go to the Rajouri's garden famous DUM MARO DUM STUDIO . The ambience was awesome quite different from the other places . after spending few tym i was observing some positive vibes , as the outlet was super clean , staff behaviour was quite impressive . They give their 100% efforts to keep us happy . after thinking long i ordered some good stuffs .the taste was super awesome, but the thing i loved the most is the mouth watering  pizza. I tried  many place pizza bt none of them match the level of this place,the food was worth for money , the shakes were so heavy as one glass was enough to fulfill our stomach. As   my overall experience in DMD STUDIO was superb . if you are a foodie then must visit this place, ANd  follow us on instagram @DELHIFOODIEGRAM for more food up…